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How to Get Fit Like Instagram Celebrities


Have you ever turned to social media for workout inspiration? The hashtag #fitspo is attached to more than 74 million posts on Instagram, and videos with the same hashtag have racked up over 1.4 billion views on TikTok.


Fit celebrities on Instagram not only show you how to look healthy and fit— but they’re a great source of motivation to help you get healthier too.


Whether they’re posting about their own workouts, nutrition, or favorite products and services, they offer a unique perspective on the world of fitness – helped along by some of the best fitness trainers, doctors, nutritionists and cooks in the world.


It can be difficult to build muscle, so celebrity trainers often emphasize weight training and heavy lifting over cardio. Find out how to get fit like celebrities, even if you’re new to working out.


An amazing fit body is no accident, and while some celebrities were born with an enviable physique, you can bet they’re putting in the work to maintain it.


The actress is fit and has plenty of energy to spare, which she attributes to good diet and exercise habits.


It’s no secret that Berry is an absolute fitness enthusiast. If you take a quick glance at her Instagram and Twitter feed, you’ll see many fitness-related posts, including her “#FitnessFriday” messages. In these posts, she and her trainer give a bit of fitness advice, whether it be training tips, diet tips, injury prevention advice, or any number of fitness-related topics.


Jessica Biel


Working out has never been more fun than when Jessica Biel is your guide. The actress and workout enthusiast takes us through a variety of workouts she uses to stay in top shape. Plus, if you like running or hiking, she might be the perfect woman to follow on Instagram.


Like many gym-goers, Biel has experimented with different types of training to find what works best for her. After years of pushing her body through intense training for gymnastics and soccer, Biel has recently learned to slow down and love yoga how to get in shape. In addition to yoga, Biel enjoys running, hiking with her dogs, pylometrics, and circuit training.


With years of experience under her belt, she finally settled into a routine that includes meditation to quiet her mind and focus on her body, yoga for flexibility and balance, and weight lifting for muscle building.


Zac Efron


Zac Efron is well-known in Hollywood for his enviable physique. With films like Baywatch and The Greatest Showman showing off his serious six-pack abs, it’s no wonder he’s become everyone’s gym crush. His enviable six pack abs are evidence of his dedication to his fitness routine, which includes weightlifting and group workouts.


His workout videos are a great example of how to work out when you have busy schedule. He became a well-known fitness enthusiast and regularly posts workout pics on Instagram.


Adriana Lima


As a former Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima has been crushing the gym for decades to maintain her supermodel physique. A dedicated follower of the keto diet, Lima loves boxing and group workouts like HIIT. On her Instagram account are some of the exercises that helped get Lima into top shape.


Adriana Lima has also been promoting Puma x Maybelline line of workout-friendly makeup.